Introduction to the course

Welcome to our first online Kettlebell course. I am so excited to bring this course to you!! 

It is no lie I am totally obsessed with Kettlebells. And with good reason - they changed my life! They revolutionised my training, and helped me fall in love and appreciate what my body can achieve.

Kettlebells not only bring strength, they bring endurance, they bring mobility, they bring power, and speed - when used correctly.

For me, they are incredible - and I truly believe they can really offer so much to so many different people, like you.

They support Martial Artists, they support Krav Maga students, they support powerlifers, BUT they also support those that are looking to just move a little more, improve their overall health.

Don't just take my word for it though - grab yourself a copy of the course, and start your journey with the magnificent iron beasts and feel the rewards as you get stronger, more mobile and generally feel awesome.

The great thing about this course, is that you have unlimited access to the content. You can watch it when suits you and your schedule. You can repeat it at any point. 

It is time to Stand Strong

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Mobility and breathing

    • Breathing

    • Mobility

  • 3

    Kettlebell exercise breakdown

    • Kettlebell deadlift

    • Deadlift variations

    • Kettlebell swing

    • Goblet squat

    • Lawnmower row

    • Cleans

    • Cleans the cast off

    • Press

    • Turkish get up part 1

    • Turkish Get up part 2

    • Turkish Get Up part 3

    • Rack marches

  • 4

    Kettlebell workouts

    • Workout 1

    • Workout 2

    • Workout 3

    • Workout 4

    • Workout 5

  • 5

    Workout PDF download

    • Workout PDF download

  • 6

    Bonus materials

    • Mobility routine shoulders

    • Mobility routine hips

    • Mobility routine wrists